My travels 2016 – a summary

My travels 2016 – a summary

My travels 2016 – a summary

2016 was a year full of lows and highs – a roller coaster drive of events I cannot even start to sum up. But every low was followed by luckily at least one high and all of my travels 2016 were awesome experiences I wouln’t want to miss.



My first trip in 2016 did not start before June, since my work didn’t allow me to take a vacation beforehand. Anyways, in the midst of summer, I visited Prague – a city somewhere between culture and pop culture, history and trend. I fell in love immediately with the old buildings, new shops and thousand places to explore.
Prague is cheap, food is delicious (seriously, you have tot try Trdelník with ice!) and there is so much to see, that a few days are hardly enough to take a stroll through all the amazing corners.

reisen 2016 ein rückblick


My hotel was a ship right on the Moldau (which I do not recommend since it wasn’t hardly as good as it looked on the pictures), but for future tarvels I would recommend one of the many hotels directly in the city centre.
If one thing is for sure, it’s that I’ll be back in Prague. Next time a little longer and with less programm.

Dominican Republic


If there is one place on this planet I will never get enough of, it’s the Dominican Republic. I’ve been there four times now – my first time when I was 6. And I’ve been in love with this country ever since. The beach is the whitest white, the sea the bluest blue and the jungle the greenest green you will ever see. It gets me every time I am leaving the airport – the Caribbean hits me like the force of nature it actually is and this time in 2016 I was more amazed than ever. It was my first trip I took completely alone and my ten days in the Dominican changed a lot for me – in matters of my private and professional future as well as in my mindset.


Isla Saona, Dominikanische Republik
Isla Saona

My highlight was a guided tour to the countryside, where I learned a lot about the culture and mentality of the Dominicans. No need to state that I want to travel there again – next time hopefully with my boxfriend.



Of course I did not just travel in summer this year. I was actually pretty excited to spend my first winter short trip with my boyfriend in Renesse, the Netherlands. It was freezing out there – especailly on the beach – but incomparably cosy, exciting and just plain awesome. We walked for hours and just took a ton of pictures of everything. We treated us some great dinner, a swim in the hotel pool and a boat tour.

renesse niederlande


If you love the sea as much as we do, even a trip in winter can be amazing!

Plans for 2017

Well, here we are: A new year is coming up. Of course I will continue to travel and write about it. For next year I have planned to travel even more, make more pictures and take you with me on my blog, wherever I go.

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    Ah I finally discovered your English version, that’s so cool! I was JUST considering the same thing. So maybeeee I’ll follow with an English version too ;D

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  • Yvonne 6. Juli 2017 07:38

    Klasse, ich bin gestern abend in Prag angekommen. Bin schon gespannt!

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