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Tonight I feel so black and white Antwerp in pictures

Tonight I feel so black and white

When I visited Antwerp in June, I mainly made my way on foot and walked through the city with my camera always at hand. The city itself is interesting in it’s contrasts between old buildings and super hip cafés. But I was especially intrigued by the little details I found.

This guy was sitting at the back part of the train station for at least 2 hours. Just listening to music and letting the sunbeams wander from one side to the other.

One dot is different than the others. Can you see which one?

black and white antwerp

I am not going to get existential here but the metaphor of this picture really hit me. When I saw the class and their teachers standing in front of this installation and just looking at one side of it.


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  1. Ricarda und Max 22. August 2017

    Was für wundervolle, ausdrucksstarke und stimmungsvolle Bilder! Schwarzweiß ist klasse und passt hier sooo gut!

    Ganz ganz liebe Grüße,
    Ricarda und Max von CATS & DOGS: http://www.wie-hund-und-katze.com

    1. Sarah 22. August 2017

      Danke, es freut mich, dass dir die Bilder gefallen <3

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